3134 Assistive Powered Exoskeleton

                    A powered exoskeleton is used to wear to the surface of the body like wear clothes.  The user can get so much power than the ordinary person by the equipment.  Old person can also walk smoothly by wearing.  Bedridden will also disappear.  This equipment is developing rapidly due to the demand from the society.  In fact, Japan will stuck with problem of old person.  However, this equipment can be help solving these problems.  

                   A powered exoskeleton is also a help for people with disabilities.  People with disabilities of foot use a wheelchair today.  However, if people with disabilities of foot use a powered exoskeleton, they can live more happily.  Powered exoskeleton has variety of potentials like this.  Iron Man will appear in the near future.

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  1. 24011462 より:

    I think Powered exoskeleton will become more useful in the aging society of Japan.
    By the way, I have never seen the movie.