3135 A Wheelchair

              A wheelchair for those with a disability has normal wheelchair, athletic wheelchair, electric wheelchair, reclining wheelchair and so on.

              Wheelchairs enable handicapped person to do many complicated problem.  For example, they can play many sports, such as tennis, and basketball with an athletic wheelchair.  Practically, an athletic wheelchair is used in the Paralympics.  In addition, a beach wheelchair is gaining popularity.  The handicapped person is able to control difficult topography of the sand by the beach wheelchair.

              In short, assistive technology for daily living can enhance the independence, dignity and safety of people.

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    I’m happy to know that handicapped person can play many sports by using the wheelchairs. This sentence is nice!

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    I thougt that weelchair is very useful for disability people!! Your sentence is plain. Good job!!

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    I did’nt think that there are many kinds of weelchair.
    Your sentence is good!

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    I was interested in this technology !!
    I thinks this technology helps many people.

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    Your sentence is so easy to read, and I’m interested in this technology.
    You did a great job!