3115 The Springboard Lite

              Assistive technology has several devices that help people who are non-verbal.  One of those is the Springboard Lite.  It is used by those who can’t speak and have learning disability.  This device helps them to communicate with others.  Many words are recorded in it, and when people touch the screen, it speaks what they want to say.  It is easy to carry because the size of it is relatively compact.

              Thanks to this device, many people having troubles in speaking can tell their feelings and what they want to.  So I think that the Springboard Lite is one of the great assistive technologies.

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  1. 24013126 より:

    I think that this device is very useful!!
    Your volume of voice is very splendid!!
    Good job!!

  2. 24013139 より:

    I also think that this technology is great!! I hope more people will know this. And your speech is very wonderful!

  3. 24013114 より:

    Your writing is easy to understand!
    This device should spread more!

  4. 24013121 より:

    The Springboard Lite is so good.
    Because disability people who can’t speake can comunicate whis people thanks to the Springboard Lite.
    I hope we create more assistive technology.

  5. 24013120 より:

    Your speech is very easy and good!!
    I think that it is useful.