3122 Assistive Technology and Sports

              An assistive technology for sports is an area of technology design that is growing. Assistive technology is the device created to enable the handicapped to exercise. Now at first there were a lot of wonderful devices at sports scenes.  Assistive devices can help exercise and training.

              A sport wheelchair is a typical device. Sport wheelchairs are designed for specific sports. For example, basketball, curling, and tennis. These wheelchairs are developed for such people. Moreover, there is a handcycle for the handicapped to enjoy cycling.

              Finally, I hope people who have disability can play sport more easily. And I hope them enjoy sports in future. These wonderful technologies will make many people happy.

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  1. 24013139 より:

    This sentences tell me the passion that you love sports! It is the first time to know handicapped people can enjoy cycling. Good job!!!!

  2. 24013126 より:

    I want disability people to enjoy playing sports.
    good job!!

  3. 24013129 より:

    Assistive technology for sports is very wonderful!
    I want to develop it than before

  4. 24013121 より:

    I cant think sport kind assistive technology.
    It is novelty. I think it wonderfull too.

  5. 24013111 より:

    I like sports. I practiced Judo and baseball. Thank you

  6. 24013116 より:

    We can see sports using wheelchairs such as basketball.
    It is very fun. Have you ever seen?