3125 A Traditional Assistive Technology

If you have visual problems, how do you do? Vision loss, low vision, and visual impairment are terms that are described a wide range of vision problems. Sometimes there is a vision loss because of problems with the eye, and sometimes vision loss is caused by problems in the brain. I think if you have vision problems, you should have hard times in daily life. Then, I recommend “Braille”.
Braille is a writing system used by the blind and the visually impaired. It is traditionally written in embossed paper. It is called “Ten-ji” in Japan. Braille-users can understand text translated in brain thanks to refreshable braille displays. I think Braille is the best assistive technology.

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  1. 24013129 より:

    I also think that Braille is wonderful assistive technology!

  2. 24013116 より:

    I have a friend who have visual problems.
    Our school should set more braille.

  3. 24013121 より:

    The technoligy help disability people cant see to do something.
    It is melverous..

  4. 24013130 より:

    I think also it is wonderful.
    Very good speech!

  5. 24013111 より:

    I’m very surprised for good speech…

    Why do you speak English well? I want to know.

  6. 24013119 より:

    Your idea is very nice!
    Braille is wonderful device.