3130 A Wheelchair

In these years, a lot of assistive technologies have been invented. A wheelchair is one of the assistive technologies. It is a welfare equipment for those who cannot walk or stand on their feet. In general, it has two big wheels like a bicycle and two small mobile wheels. Those four wheels enable people to keep balance.
Wheelchairs have been evolving. A special wheelchair has enabled people to move much easier. This is a great invention. Also, a special wheelchair has enabled those who have an injury or disease to play sports and so on.

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    Wonderful! I think it is great!

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    Great! This is very useful!

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    I was interested in this technology !!
    I think this chair helps many people.

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    This sentence is so easy to read, and I am interested in this technology.
    You did a great job!

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    Your title is same as me. I also think wheelchair is necessary