3138 A Talking Watch

We are conscious of time every day. We can check the time easily by looking at a clock, a cellphone and so on. But it is not easy for the blind to check the time.
A good news is the product called “Talking Watch.” This is a time keeping device that announces the time to users. The blind can check the time by hearing the time announced with a press of a button. You can choose a model to your needs: time only, an hourly time signal, talking alarms, and calendar. Surprisingly we can buy this watch at low cost. It is very useful for them.

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    I’m surprising that this technology! Wonderful!

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    Wow! This is a super good information. I have never heard about a talikingwatch. Someday, I want to buy it.

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    I was interested in this technology !!
    Good job!!

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    This sentence is polished fully, and I am interested in this technology.
    You did a great job!

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    Good job! Thank you for your nice speech! I respect you