3144 A Problem of The Hearing-Aid

              There are about 300 thousand people with hearing difficulties in Japan. However, it is less than 1/4 people who uses the hearing-aid. The diffusion rate of a Japanese hearing-aid is lower than foreign countries.  Denmark and Germany have spread about twice as many as Japan.

There are three reasons why the hearing-aid isn’t popular in Japan. For the first reason, people don’t have a good impression with the hearing-aid.  For instance, they think that it makes a user look like an old person.  Secondly, everybody considers the hearing-aid is unrelated with themselves.  The last reason is that a hearing-impaired person doesn’t notice the loss of his hearing ability.  However, it isn’t always bad.  The high-performance hearing-aid made in Japan can improve their daily life.

The more you consider the hearing-aid as a familiar thing, the more it will spread.

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