3111 A Wheelchair

I think many assistive technology exist all over the world. Today let me introduce the wheelchair!

If we break a leg or can’t move the lower half of the body, we use a wheelchair. The price is from 10
thousand to 3 million. Have you ever used the wheelchair?

My cousin broke a leg when he practiced Judo.
I also practiced Judo. I often went to hospital to see him. I pushed a wheelchair
for you. Then, I thought if wheelchairs don’t exist, it is too hard for him to
walk only himself. In order to walk easily, wheelchairs are necessary.

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  1. 24013119 より:

    Your speech is very interesting!
    I think you should speak more clearly.
    However, Your speech was nice.

  2. 24013125 より:

    I think wheelchair is the best assistive technology.
    Your speech is nice!

  3. 24013118 より:

    I also think a wheel chair is a one of the best assistivetechnology.

  4. 24013110 より:

    Your speech is very wonderful.
    I think that wheelchair is useful tool.

  5. 24013148 より:

    Through this sentence, I was interested in this technology.
    You did a great job!

  6. 24013114 より:

    Wheelchairs are familiar but necessary tools.
    Your speech is interesting!!

  7. 24013116 より:

    We cannot imagine the life without leg.
    This device enable such people to move around anywhere.

  8. 24013141 より:

    It’s very nice speech!!