1462 Human Rights and 911

On September 11th in 2001, the first and the most terrible terrorism in the 21st century attacked America. This incident caused violation of human rights in three terms.

The first violation is the terrorism by Al-Qaeda. They targeted three American important buildings and over three thousand people were killed in 911.

The next violation is the invasions of Afghan and Iraq by NATO. These invasions destroyed not-military housings and buildings and killed a lot of citizens.

The third violation is the rendition by CIA. CIA sent a few hundred people to Libya in secret in order to keep them on physical restraint with ill-treatment. There are quite a few innocent people in custody without legal proceeding of both American law and International law.

911 has infringed on the important human rights.

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    These contents are very interesting for me. It becomes study very much.

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    I learned for the first time about human rights and 911.
    This is very interesting.

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    I can’t believe that many civilian right was infringed.
    We should think about world peace deeply.

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    This terrorism was terrible in all points.
    I could think deeply about human rights by this thesis.
    If you don’t mind, I want a comment in my blog “1193 Truth of 911″.