3114 Suspicions about 911

Let me talk about suspicions about 911. 911, a world-famous terrorist attacks took place on September 11, 2001. It is simultaneous multiple terrorist attacks caused by members of Al-Qaida.

Many criminals were arrested and punished, but the event left some suspicions. Some people suspect that the event was plotted by American government.


Let me introduce some of the conspiracies. First, according to the criminal’s wives, the criminals had nothing to do with Islamic fundamentalism. Also, they tell that the criminals were hired by American government and received money from FBI.

Next, according to experts, the criminals had no skills to fly the airplanes which crashed in incident.

Why were the criminals arrested in spite of these suspicions? It is said that it was America’s strategy to make an excuse for invasion of Iraq.

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  1. 24011462 より:

    Your speech was very interesting.
    If it is true, what the United States did is never allowed in the international society.

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    Your speech is very good!
    I knew this opinion for the first time.

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    I didn’t know this story.
    I want to know more about suspicions about 911!

  4. 24011193 より:

    I studied it about conspiracy theories. I don’t know the truth. I wish that the truth is showed in future.
    If you don’t mind, I want a comment in my blog “1193 Truth of 911″.