3116 A Lost Decade


Attack on America occurred in New York fourteen years ago. The terrorism disgraced American national honor.

A Japanese senior government official analyzed this terrorism. He ridiculed that it was like a Lost Decad. In fact, American economy fortunes declined steadily.

However in Japan, The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11 2011. The state of the Japanese economy declined because of the concerns about nuclear safety. So, Japanese government have tried to change nuclear-propelled policies to a new energy-propelled policies since 3.11.

America and Japan have a common point in that a great many civilian lives were sacrificed during these tragedy. The two countries occupy an important position in an international world. So, I think the two countries should cooperate to solve many global problems.

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  1. 24013129 より:

    Your speech was very wonderful!
    I remember 3.11 and think sad even now.

  2. 24011462 より:

    Your speech was so interesting. I also think the two countries should cooperate to solve many global problems and never forget the teaching of these tragedies. Thank you.

  3. 24013119 より:

    Your speech was very interesting! And I hope the countries will help each other.

  4. 24013125 より:

    Your speech is good. I remember 911 even now.

  5. 24013122 より:

    I was impressed your speech. I’ll never forget 911.
    I wish the war should stop.