3119 The Japanese Victims

Do you know that there were Japanese victims in 911? And do you know how many Japanese were killed?

24 Japanese were killed in 911. They were involved in this unusual tragic accident when they were in the airplane or in the twin towers.

A college student was in the hijacked airplane crashed in a field,

Pennsylvania. He was interested in English and American culture, so he was studying abroad. However, he lost his life suddenly in terrorists’ attacks.

An office worker, another Japanese, was killed when he was working

on the 105th floor of WTC. His father tells that his son has just began to realize the American Dream. However, he lost his life, too.

We never forget this attack. Of course, we should not. Moreover, their sacrifice would not be wasted.

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    Your speech is a marvelous. I want to research Japanese victims.

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    What a correge student were killed is sad. I am sad to think it.

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    Your speech was very good!
    I haven’t known the exsistence of japanese people.

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    I think that I must not forget 911.