3120 Minoru Yamasaki

Do you know a person named Minoru Yamasaki? I didn’t know him until I researched about 911. He is a Japanese-American and a great architect.

It will not well known but he designed the World Trade Center which collapsed in the September 11 attacks in America. The World Trade Center is very a famous building as the New York’s greatest commercial center. Minoru Yamasaki suggested the structure called a tube structure when they built the World Trade Center. Also, he designed the office buildings, museums and universities.

He is a very unique person! I am glad to know and a respected Japanese American architect.

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  1. 24011462 より:

    I’m surprised to know that the person who designed the famous WTC is a Japanese-American. I’m proud of it.
    It’s also wonderful of you to focus on the designer of the WTC.

  2. 24013146 より:

    Your speech is better than before!!
    i’m glad to be able to know Minoru Yamasaki who designed the famous WTC.

  3. 24013138 より:

    Great! Your speech is very interesting!

  4. 24013127 より:

    You selected theme is very interesting!!!

  5. 24013119 より:

    Your speech is amazing! I’m glad to know him. Thank you!

  6. 24013115 より:

    I did’nt know him.
    I want to visit the building that he designed!