3125 911 and Terrorists

911 broke out in America, New York, on September 11 2001. Four airplanes which was hijacked by Al-Qaeda terrorists crashed into the Twin Towers and Pentagon. It was the largest Terrorist incident in the 21st century. As retaliation, America went to wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 911 shocked all over the world.

At the time of this incident, when I was six, I was very surprised. I remember this incident even now. Fights against Terrorism continued for a long time.

Unfortunately, America is fighting with new Islamic terrorist organization now. This fight is not likely to end for a while.

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  1. 24013118 より:

    I was also surprised ,when I was six. Your speech is good.

  2. 24013121 より:

    I think so.
    It seems to me that America never finish fighting so as to save economic.

  3. 24013119 より:

    Your theme was interesting! I hope this fight will end soonly.

  4. 24013122 より:

    This is very sadly case.
    Your speech made me think war must vanish.

  5. 24013116 より:

    I think you too!
    When I was child, I was shocked.
    I hope world peace!

  6. 24013129 より:

    I was sad when I read your sentence.
    I will not forget 911.