3141 9.11 Enya song

So many people were killed by the terrorism at 9.11. I think people may become to the sorrows and filled with angry. We must not forget this sorrows thing, in other words, we must keep remembering.

I think a theme song is necessary to recall for a long time. The sorrow theme song on 9.11. is “Only Time”. This song was sung by Enya who are an Irish woman singer.

The song has a strong massage power. Incident of 9.11. was nothing to do with me, either too. But I felt sorrows and become composed when I heard the song. And I listened to the other Enya songs. This is not my opinion but the real thing that there are something power of massages in Enya song. In that song “Only Time” has expressing the sorrow and composure.

Everybody, let’s listen to the Enya song. Thank you.

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    Your presentation contents is very interesting for me. I ‘ll listen the song”Only time” after the class. Thank you.

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    Your speech is great! I am surprised at your speech.

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    Your speaking is easy to understand. I’m interested in Enya song.
    Thank you!!

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    Your speech is easy to understand, and I think to listen to the Enya song.

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    It is very great speech!!
    Moreover, I would like to hear your speech.

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    Your speech is very very great speech!!
    I’m grad to learn Enya song.