3122 The Tragedy of 911


On Tuesday September 11, Almost 3,000 people were killed and caused at least $10 billion damage in property and infrastructure. These attacks were caused by Al-Qaueda. Four airplanes were hijacked. As a result, the World Trade Center and The Pentagon were severely damaged. The attacks had a significant economic impact on United States and world markets. As a result of the attacks, many governments in the world passed legislation to combat terrorism. In the days immediately following the attacks, many memorials and vigils were held around the world. In addition, people posted photographs of the dead and missing all around Ground Zero. I think this is a very sadly tragedy. I wish the world’s peace forever.

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  1. 24013141 より:

    I think you are lack of effort, You should fight English practice.

  2. 24013121 より:

    I was supplised huge damege.
    I think 911 is sad tragidy too.

  3. 24013129 より:

    I think that I feel sad by reading your sentence.

  4. 24013125 より:

    Your speech is good. I think 911 is tragedy too.

  5. 24013116 より:

    I didn’t know that American economic fortunes declined.
    Thanks to your speech, I can understand.
    Thank you!