911 America’s Schemes

911 America’s Schemes



I think 911 was the schemes for invade Iraq. Why did America destroy World Trade Center Buildings? What merit did America get? Because America needed to destroy buildings so as to conceal what was unaccounted for expenditure. And America robed huge oil of Iraq. Why were not broken the World Trade Center Buildings into pieces. Normal buildings ordinarily scraped by dynamite. Terrorists could not operate airplanes steered 911 in the first place. Terrorists were too immature to steer huge airplane. Biggest doubt of mine is Osama bin Ladin body was abandoned in sea. America could talk a lie.

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  1. 24011193 より:

    There are very much unclear points for this incident.
    I think the United States is doubtful, too.
    If you don’t mind, I want a comment in my blog “1193 Truth of 911″.