3126 The Urban Legend about 911

There are many urban legends about synchronized terrorist attacks. For example, all Jewish people who were working in World Trade Center stayed away from work on the day.

In addition, this terrorism was predicted by Nostradamus who was a French prophet. Some people say that this was predicted not only by Nostradamus, but also some novels. The novel “Storming Heaven” written by Dale Brown describes terrorism by hijacking, which is similar to the 911 incident.

These urban legends are only rumor, but I think that it is a little scary. Do you believe them?

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  1. 24013139 より:

    Your speech is very comfortable!
    And this urban legends are very thrilling!

  2. 24013127 より:

    The subject which you chose was very strange and was interested to me!
    I believe this story.

  3. 24013115 より:

    Your speech was excellent!
    I took an interest in this urban legend.
    I want to read “Storming Heaven”!

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    Your speech impressed me!
    I want to know more about this topic.

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    I was surprised by The Urban Legend very much. That’s very interesting story.
    If you don’t mind, I want a comment in my blog “1193 Truth of 911″.