3133 Mysteries of 9.11

On one morning, 19 hijackers took control of four jets flying out of airports on the east coast of the United States. The total loss of lives on 9.11 was nearly 3,000. It was the worst loss of life due to a terrorist incident on US soil.

However, after this incident, some theories appeared. The first one is a “missed theory”. The second is a “performance someone plot”. The two theories appear completely different, but both are “put-up job”. Why did this point become the talk of the whole country? At the scene of the disaster there were many oddities. The first one is a structure of the tower. It was thought to be resistant enough to the crash. Well then, why did this building collapse? Secondly, there was a trace of the pillars which were blown up. Many people who stayed on the scene at that time heard the explosion of bombs.

The real truth of the case has not come out yet. I hope that someday the truth will be revealed.

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