3136 A holly book of Muslim

9 11 attacks in America was caused by a plot of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is a national organization of terrorism built by Osama bin Laden. He was a radical terrorist and a commander of Al-Qaeda. Various vicious terrorism were caused by him as a leader, so FBI, or Federal Bureau of Investigation put him on the most important wanted list. For about ten years no one kept him in custody in spite of elaborate searches. May 2 2011, the American armed forces killed him in Pakistan.

A holy book of Muslim is called “Koran”. The Koran includes one way of thinking. I say that thinking easily, “Even if we fight to enemies who attacks us and die, we can become happy in the heaven.” I suspect that this way of thinking led him a terrible terrorism.

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    I think you are a good English speaker and I can see your speak effort.
    Thank you.

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    Your speech is a good. I am also interested in Koran.

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    Your presentation is very interesting for me. I think the Musulim thinking is very dangerous.

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    First of all, Thank you your good speech!

    I really inretested in Koran. I want to read!!!