3137 911 prediction

911 incidents have various mysterious episodes. One of such episodes is a prediction about the incident. Some people say that a certain scene on Japanese comic suggest tragic accident. There are several drawings that symbolize 911.


First, the moon.   The Moon is symbol of Islam. Osama bin Laden is considered as 911 ringleader and he is Muslim. Second, there is an airplane drawing in the comic strip. Moreover, the word “911”has been drawn on T-shirts of character. The author stated that I described the number “911” in quite unconscious, so they are only drawings and is not prediction at all. Is that too much of a coincidence?


In addition to this comic, a variety of episodes that imply 911 incidents are reported. Farfetched stories exist among them, but I believe some people had surely sensed “something” of miserable incident in future.



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