3131The Muslim Hate crimes

Widespread hostility to Muslims started after the terrorist attacks in the United States.


The number of hate crimes against Muslims soared. The mosque and Islamic school absorbed a vicious harassment of the box series of threats by telephones and letters. They also showered jeers when they walk down the road.


These mosques were closed to fear riots. Eggs were thrown to Middle Eastern students suddenly when they worked on college campuses. The numerous harassment has spread in the United States.


It was found 58 percent of Americans agreed with the idea of obligate for Arab to repatriate if they don’t have identification certificates. However, the idea was forced to cancel due to a flood of protests from Muslims around the world.


Americans hostility to the Muslim have lasted long.

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    > These mosques were closed to fear riots.
    facing riots
    due to riots
    because of fearing the riots

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