3145 The Influence by 911


Let me talk about the influence of Japan by 911.

On September 11 2001, 911 attack took place in NY. The terrorist attack brought many people serious damages. According to the report, the victims including the dead and the missing amount to more than 3000. The incident is said to be the worst crisis since the war.

The accident have critical influences on all over the world. This accident triggered two war which are the Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan. The war in Afghanistan still continues and causes many victims. In addition, the problem involving religion is intensifying between the United States and an Islamic nation. Although this problem has been posed before the terrorist attack occur, this attack made the rift between the U.S. and Islamic nation extended.

At present, many people was caused by 911 attack. We don’t forget this miserable accident and should broaden field of vision to solve remained problems.

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    Your article is very interesting!
    I think we should make an effort to solve remained problems.

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    I thought that we don’t forget the accident too.