4209 Flexible Assisted Technology

4209-Flexible Assistive Technology

Let me introduce a special thing. It has a big board for people those who have challenges in using an ordinary keyboard. The name is Flexi Board. We can make sheets depend on their purpose, and put them on the board. It has many flexible points.

Well, what points are flexible? First, we can change the size of keys. Second, we can use pictures for messages. Third, they are seven grades pressure-sensitive. Fourth, they can adjust the time for typing. Last, if we use Braille or something solid, blind people can use this.

In short, Flexi Board is very flexible! Do you think so? That is why I recommend many people to use this.


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  1. 24014211 より:

    Flexi Board is very flexible. I want it.

  2. 24014215 より:

    Your speech is easy to understand. I think that Flexi Board is very flexible too.

  3. 24014226 より:

    It is nice speech.I want it ,too.

  4. 24014198 より:

    Flexi Board is very flexible. I think it too.

  5. 24014200 より:

    This board is so flexible!