4215-VV Talker


Deaf children cannot speak well because they have listening disabilities. So it is difficult for such children to learn things. There are various ways to help the deaf, for example VV-Talker. It is an electronic device designed for deaf children.

It has two components. One is a vibration detector. The other is a screen that displays an explanation of the vibration. When the deaf child speaks and puts the device on his or her throat, it provides feedback to the child.

Deaf children can learn to speak and get knowledge by using VV-Talker, that is to say, VV-Talker is very useful to these children.

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  1. 24014211 より:

    VV Talker is very useful for deaf children. It has nice fanction.

  2. 24014200 より:

    Sounds good. I hope the lifestyle of deaf children become more confortable.

  3. 24014226 より:

    It is good speech!

  4. 24014209 より:

    The name of the product is so attractive!
    And it’s very useful!

  5. 24014213 より:

    Your speech is very good. I think This product is very useful.

  6. 24014208 より:

    Your speech is very interesting.

  7. 24014198 より:

    VV-talker is very useful.
    I hope it spread among deaf children.