4198-Assistive Sound System

Let me introduce one of the assisted technology for a blind person. It’s called “entrance sound system for physically challenged person” . The train doors which open or close suddenly are dangerous for a blind person. This product announces the door status to passengers near the train doors with sound or chime, when train doors open or close. So, a blind person can grasp when the door is open or close. Not only they have never ride past, but also it prevent collisions with other passengers. And, we can select the sound from pre-installed four patterns.


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  1. 24014211 より:

    Entrance sound system is very useful for blind peple. I hope it is more used in public places.

  2. 24014200 より:

    This assistive sounds system sounds good for blind people.

  3. 24014226 より:

    It is good speech!

  4. 24014215 より:

    Entrance sound system is very useful for blind people. I’ve learned a lot from your speech.

  5. 24014209 より:

    The product is so safety and kind to blind people!