4211-Assistive Technology


There are many tools which help blind people. One of them is braille. In recent years, Brailles is being used more often than before in many public places.  they are used not only in elevators ,but ticket machines in our neighborhoods.  Brailles are printed by special machines and typewriters for signs and machines to help the blind to read the messages.

Historically, braille was invented by Louis Braille in 1825.  In Japan Ishikawa Kuraji adapted in order to use Japanese six letters braille designed in France and established the foundation of Japanese braille.

Japanese braille does not distinguish Hiragana between Katakana. Niethr does it use express Kanji.  Therefore if we learn one kind of kana character , Arabic figures numerals and the alphabet , we can read newspaper , magazines and general books.

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    I am surprised because I know japanese braille system due to your speech!

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    It is good speech!

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    Braille is a important technology for blind people.

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    I’m so interested in your speech, especially, the history of Braille!

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    Your speech is very interesting.

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    Braille is very useful.
    I’m surprised at great techonlogy.