4237-Assistive Technology and Care

Let me explain about Pepper. Pepper is a personal robot. It was made by Softbank Mobile in 2014. It has a lot of functions that please people. It reacts autonomously in contact with people and pleases you. Pepper has a newest technology to feel the feelings of humans from an expression and a voice. Pepper encourages you when you are sad. And when you are pleased, Pepper is pleased together.

These technologies are thought that they will be active in the care. Especially, elderly who live alone prone to depression. If elderly people have Pepper, they can relax and amuse.

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    I have seen Pepper in Softbank shop. He tells me “Hello” . I was so fun.

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    I want to meet Pepper.Development of robot technology will make our future comfortable.

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    I have worked with Pepper, and it makes people happy.

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    Your speech was so good. I think pepper needs for various people.

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    i did not know the useful pepar!
    nice presentation!!