4245-Assistive Technology and Sport

Let me explain about wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are used by those who have disability with leg. When I sit down on a chair and turns a tire, it’s possible to advance forward. But recently, an electric wheelchairs have been developed by an evolution of technology. In the near future, more advanced wheelchairs would also be born.

A wheelchairs are also playing an active part in the field of the sport. Basketball and tennis are popular in Paralympics. These are very famous. In japan, basketball is called “Isu basu” which is named by Mr. Yasu naoki. And  wheelchairs for sports have been developed. Then wheelchair play probably becomes more exciting.

Thus, wheelchairs are playing an active part in the various fields.

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  1. 24014241 より:

    I want to watch “Isu Basu”.It is interesting.

  2. 24014237 より:

    I am interested in Isu Bass. I am looking forward to watch the game in 2020.

  3. 24014235 より:

    I am surprised that Isu Basu was named by Japanese!

  4. 24014236 より:

    if this technology is used in various place, many people will be happy!!

  5. 24014200 より:

    I hope many people become happy due to this technology.