4240-iPad as an Assistive Technology


Let me introduce devices which can transmit our intension. For example, there is the device which can produce words and a sentence by pushing the keypad. People who cannot talk or are deaf can use this device to communicate.

iPad is also a kind of the devices to  transmit our intension. There are many applications for iPads which are useful for people with disabilities.  This device is produced so that disabled people are usable. When arms and hands were not usable, they can make it easy to use it by changing setting of an iPad.

I think that an iPad is evolving steadily.  So quality of life for people with disabilities would improve greatly.

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  1. 24014205 より:

    I’m interested in iPad. I want to buy iPad.

  2. 24014228 より:

    I don’t have an iPad. But I learned that iPad is so usefl!!

  3. 24014233 より:

    I surprise that iPad assiste not only us but also person with a disability.

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    Nice speech!! I would like to want it.

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    iPad have a lot of function. I want to iPad!

  6. 24014229 より:

    Your speech is very good. iPad is very useful for person with disabilities.

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    I didn’t know iPad have like this function. I realized many kinds of technology used in our dairy life.

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    your speech is great. I think I want to use it.