4205 Goal Line Technology

Do you know Goal line technology? The person who like soccer may know it. The Goal line technology is a machine that judges whether the ball reached the finish line in the soccer mach. The South Africa convention in 2010 became a cause of Goal line technology introduction. A large number of misjudgments have occurred at the South Africa convention. Therefore, the international soccer federation began the development of Goal line technology. Seven high-speed cameras are taking shots near the goal 500 frames per second. The ball is completely over the goal line when the referee of the watch tells the goal by vibration. A misjudgment has disappeared thanks to Goal line technology introduction. The assistive technology is used for other sports as well as soccer. I think the day will come when referees disappear from the field.

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  1. 24014240 より:

    Your speech is good. I’m interested in soccer.

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    I was surprised that technology is useful for sports!

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    I like playing soccer. But I don’t know it!!

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    Your speech is great. I am surprised that the day will come when referees disappear from the field.

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    Good speach! I want more technology introduced for some sports.

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    This technology is excellent. I wish that this technology spread other sports.