Let me introduce you a wheelchair. It is used as a moving means for those who can’t walk on their own. Today, physically handicapped persons are about 1.18 million in Japan. They account for about a half of the handicapped. Therefore, many people need wheelchairs. In addition, aging population is progressing in Japan. So a wheelchair is in great demand.

A wheelchair is roughly classified into two categories. One is a standard type, and the other is an electric type. The latter can be used in smaller burden than the former because it is moved by electric power. However, the latter is expensive and can’t move for a long distance. So people choose a wheelchair suitable for their needs. They can improve the quality of life.

In the future, wheelchairs will be more necessary. I wish that they evolve to be easy to use for anyone.

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  1. 24014211 より:

    It is nice speech. I am surprised that physically handicapped persons are about 1.18 million in Japan.

  2. 24014226 より:

    It is good speech!

  3. 24014215 より:

    I’ve learned a lot from your speech.

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    Your speech was very interesting and understood it well. English pronunciation and the speed to talk about were good and were easy to hear it.

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    I think that the evolution of the wheelchair is important, too.
    However, I think that the wheelchair becomes unnecessary if I develop about the medical treatment.