4235-What is ‘Let’s chat’?

4235-What is ‘Let’s chat’?

Let me introduce on assistive technology called “Let’s chat.” It is a product by Panasonic. It enables you to communicate with others, only by pushing the switch.

“Let’s chat” has a dial and a panel. First, you set the panel so that you can watch it easily. Second, you turn the power on, and the alphabets of dial are lighted up. If you push the letter, the word that you want to convey is completed. Switches are of various shapes, so people can choose a desired switch. Finally, you push “pronunciation” and “Let’s chat” to pronounce the word. In this way, deaf people can communicate with others.

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    I’m surprised your speech. “Let’s chat” would help disabled persons.

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    I was surprised that there is such a wonderful technology!

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    Youe speech is very good. I was surprised that Panasonic made such a splendid purpduct.

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    It was very good to hear your speech. For the first time I knew such a technology. I want to know this product more and more.

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    that’s good technology. I think it is useful for handicapped.

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    yorpresentation is very beautiful!
    i think you get high score.