4236-Assistive Technology for Disable People in Legs

Let me introduce an assistive technology. The assistive technology is for people who can’t walk normally. The technology has existed for a long time. This was made in various countries, but we don’t know who made the item first. Now, thanks to this, many people enjoy daily lives, but today we produce more useful wheel chairs, which are specialized in playing sports. The special wheelchairs are for those who can’t play sports, because they can’t move their legs normally.

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  1. 24014235 より:

    I want to know who made the item first.

  2. 24014237 より:

    wheel chair is so useful!

  3. 24014226 より:

    It sounds good!

  4. 24014233 より:

    Your speech is very good. It is splendid invention for people who can not normally.

  5. 24014245 より:

    I think wheelchair is so useful too!

  6. 24014241 より:

    I think wheelchair makes people who can’t walk normally so happy.