4202 Assistive Technology for Visual Impairment

 This is an ordinary calculator. Is it really? No,this machine is called a Sound Calculator. A person with visual impairment can’t use an ordinary calculator. Because it produces no sounds. And now,the sound calculator appeared. This invention teach us input numbers and calculation result by voice. And their sound is can change speed that a voice reads aloud to suit you. If you used the earphone that come with this machine, you don’t worry to hear this sound near.However, there are two weekness. The first, this special calculator is a little expensive. Second, it is can’t used the battery. So, you must charge it. .Although many people with a visual disorder like to use it. I hope they would reduce its cost and improve battery life.   If my eyesight is fail, I must buy it.

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    Good speech. I knew it well about this machine.

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    Your speech is great. It was a good chance for me to know a Sound Calculator.

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    your speech is very good. I think I want to use this machine.

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    Sounds good! I hope more people know that.

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    Nice speech! I want to it in the future!