4203-The Role of Braille

Assistive technology is any device or technology that helps disabled persons. Today, let me introduce the Braille which is one of assistive technologies. Braille is used by blind people instead of the letters. It is composed of the combination of six points. A lot of blind people can read Braille by learning some combinations of six points. Many books written by Braille are also published, and Braille is used in many quite a few places in our daily life. For example, Posts, a textured paving block and a button in the elevator. If you walk in a town, you will find one. Also it is common all over the world. We should be sensitive to such an assistive technology.

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  1. 24014240 より:

    Braille is convenient. I want to learn it.

  2. 24014202 より:

    Wow!! It’s really? If my eyesight is fail, I must buy it.

  3. 24014229 より:

    Your speech is very good. I wish that this technology becomes more famous.

  4. 24014213 より:

    your speech is very easy understanding. I think I want to use it.

  5. 24014200 より:

    I hope this technology become more popular!