4241-New Assistive Technology for Blind People

I’m surprised.  If the eyes can’t be visible no longer at once, this technology makes their view resurrection.

Let me introduce the device whose name is “Argus Ⅱ” made by Second Sight company.  This is artificial eyes.  Its system is sent directly the image to the optic nerve through the apparatus embedded into the eye by operation.  Already some people to have this device installed, and they and their family, friends feel so happy.  Now this technology makes their view blurry, but in near future, this technology will develop more and their view will be very clear like a not blind people.

This technology will illuminate the future of blind people.

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  1. 24014245 より:

    I use glasses. In the future, I may use this assistive technology.

  2. 24014237 より:

    Nice technology! Please gift it for me.

  3. 24014240 より:

    I think this technology is useful in the future.

  4. 24014205 より:

    It was a great speech. I think that the technology is important.

  5. 24014228 より:

    Your presentation is nice!! I am so impressed. I believe that the world will became more usefl for blind peaple.