4213-Assistive Technology and Car Navigation

Let me introduce car navigation system. Car navigation is a useful technology that shows us a map by using GPS. Thanks to this we can drive to an unfamiliar place without making the wrong way. Furthermore, google announced car navigation system using smartphone for driving, in 2014 June. This navigation system is enable to operate our voice by connecting smartphone to loading the Android. If we use this function, we will be able to use these function in vehicle. For example, searching our destination, mailing, listening to music. From the above, car navigation is essential for driving person.

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    Your speech is nice. Car navigation is very useful.

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    Awesome!! I don’t know that it was so convenient!

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    Car navigation is good technology. I want to buy it.

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    I understand Car navigation system is very useful. I want it.

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    Car navigation is very useful fou us. I’ve learned a lot from your speech.