4229-Assistive Technology for Driving

Let me introduce an assistive technology for driving. This technology is made for people who can’t move the part of the body, and this requires less power. This equipment can operate an accelerator, an indicator, an alarm and a brake by one hand under the steering, and it can drive without stepping on a pedal. There is also an assisting equipment to which moves a steering by half the power of usual with a handicap on a wrist. A person with disabilities can drive surely by using various tools.

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  1. 24014228 より:

    Your speech is good! I learned technology is important for driver.

  2. 24014233 より:

    Your speech is good. I was surprized at the system which supported driving of the person with a disability.

  3. 24014240 より:

    I was interested in technology for driving.

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    I didn’t know this system. I want to know more technology.

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    your speech is very good. I think I want to use it.