4230-The Low Floor Bus

This is the low floor bus. It’s called “Non step bus” in Japan. It sets the height of the floor to about 350 mm to meet the barrier free needs, so that it is easy for senior citizens and disabled persons to get on and off. The low floor bus isn’t used so much, because its passenger space becomes smaller. It is a good news that it is being improved. And the bus with the “kneeling” function is increasing gradually in Japan. I often came across it in my home town. I hope they would use more of such buses.

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  1. 24014233 より:

    Your speech is very good. It is a great thing to increace the bus with the “kneeling” function.

  2. 24014235 より:

    I think that they would use such bus, too. “Non step bus” is good idea.

  3. 24014225 より:

    Your speech is so good. It is very useful for people to get on and off. I hope that such a bus used in every area.

  4. 24014227 より:

    Your speech was great. I think Non step should be adopted in the world.

  5. 24014216 より:

    Your speech was very interesting and understood it well. English pronunciation and the speed to talk about were good and were easy to hear it.