4200-Only Big Four Buttons

4200-Only Big Four Buttons

The easy remote control for televisions is one of the assistive technologies. It has only four switches. The First button can turn on/off the main switches. The Second button can turn a television set to the channel you want to watch. The Third and fourth button can turn the volume up or down. Thanks to these big buttons, we rarely push the wrong button. The remote control is very easy to handle, so it makes lifestyle of elderly or disabled people comfortable. We are able to use this remote control in a hospital, nursing home, of course in a house. Also its direction is free, so we can use it without attendance of the way.

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  1. 24014215 より:

    It is interesting that remote control for televisions is an assistive technology.

  2. 24014198 より:

    It is very useful!
    It is more used by elderly or disabled people.

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    It’s nice speech. Remote control for televisions is very useful for our life.

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    It sounds nice! I want to use it!

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    It’s so convenient! I would like to try it.

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    Your speech is great. I think that it is easy for many people to remote control for television.

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    it is fresh speech.I can understand about this speech.