4216-A Walk Support Robot


Nagoya Institute of Technology exhibited an epoch-making walk support robot for “International Welfare Apparatus Exhibition 2013″. This is a system of non-powered that does not require a motor and battery. This move only by the force of gravity and spring.  Moreover, it is good not to use the motor and energy. It is a product which is kind to both environment and wallet. This robot make us happy!

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  1. 24014225 より:

    Your speech is good. Walking to non-powered is very surprised. I want to go to watch the exhibition once.

  2. 24014208 より:

    Your speech is very interesting.

  3. 24014230 より:

    I’m surprised your speech. I hope that the walk support robot is used more in the future.

  4. 24014227 より:

    Your speech was great. I’m interested in walk support robot.

  5. 24014213 より:

    Your speech is very good. I think this robot is great.

  6. 24014235 より:

    Your speech is really good. I hope walk spport robot is more used!