4227Eye Play The Piano

Let me introduce Eye Play the Piano. FOVE Inc. developed “Eye Play the Piano” for physically disabled persons with the University of Tsukuba. It can help physically disabled persons to play using eye movements while wearing the headset. “Eye Play the Piano” uses eye-tracking technology with the headset to recognize the user’s eye movement, so physically disabled persons can play the piano only eye movement. I think that this is an epoch making invention, so this invention will used over the world.

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    I’m surprised your speech. I hope that “Eye Play the Piano” is used all over the world.

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    Your speech is good. I have never heard “Eye Play the Piano”. I think that I want people to know it.

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    It is nice speech.I am interested in this technology.

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    It sounds nice! I want to use this technology!

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    Good speech!! I think it is so cool shape. Iwant to use it.

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    Your speech was very interesting and understood it well. English pronunciation and the speed to talk about were good and were easy to hear it.