4228 After 9.11

The attacks caused by the Al-Qaeda, Islamic terrorists group killed about 3,000 people on September eleventh. Many people were shocked about this historical incident. Today, let me introduce what happened after the September eleventh attacks focusing on the action of the Japan and the United States.

The United States wanted the Taliban to hand over Osama bin Laden who was considered as a ringleader of the terrorists attacks. But the Taliban rejected this request. And the United States demanded the Taliban to expel the Al-Qaeda from Afghanistan. This demand was rejected. So, the United States started an invasion. And now, the invasion is known as a “War in Afghanistan”. This war continued until 2014.

In Japan, after the September eleventh attacks, the then Diet made a temporary statute to help the American army who invaded the Afghanistan. But there was a possibility that this law was against our constitution.

To fight against terrorists is an important issue. The September eleventh attacks compelled us to reconsider such a sensitive issue. I think now is a time for us to think deeply about the terrorism.

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    Now is A time —>. Now is THE time

    A very good content, and delivery! Keep up with a good work!


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    Your speech is very good. It is important for us to consider terrorism.

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    Your speech is nice! I understand terrorism is so dangerous.

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    Your speech was great. I understood after 9.11 to hear your speech. I felt we should think about terrorism.

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    It was a very good speech! I was found to be scared terrorism.

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    your speech is good! I think important issue that this terrorism.