4229 The Rumors of 911

World Trade Center was attacked by Al-Qaeda in the United States on September 11. A rumor about the 911 terrorism spreads among the people. Let me introduce the rumors about 911.

A prediction about 911 was hidden in an American bill. When a twenty dollar bill is folded up, a picture of Pentagon which blazed appears. And when it’s turned over, a picture of World Trade Center which collapsed appears. The picture which World Trade Center is collapsing appears on 5 dollar, 10 dollar, 50 dollar and 100 dollar bills.

There is also a lot of rumors about 911. How about looking for other rumors about 911.

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    I like rumors. So, your presentation is very interesting for me! According to your speech, there are also a lot of rumors about 9.11. I’d like to looking for other rumers, if I have a chance.

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    Your speech is very good. I heard the rumor for the first time.

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    Your presentation was very interesting. I want to know other rumors about 9.11.

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    your speech is very good. I like rumors. so I am interested in your speech.

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    The romors about the 911 is really scary for me. But your speech made me want to know it.