4200-Where is the Truth?

Everyone must have heard the word “9.11”.  However, many people may not know about the truth of the tragic inccident.  In the 11th September, the airplane crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.  This is a fact. It is no doubt that it was an accident in America.  But, there are so many gossips about the incident.  The First main gossip say that  the plan was plotted by Al-Qaeda because their compatriot were killed by America.  Al-Qaeda is an international terrorist organization.  They were said to be in Africa.  The Second gossip say that the tragedy  is caused by USA itself.  That is to say, this terrorism is performed by America’s own performing.  The tragedy is secret . Now, there is no definite proof about these gossips.  The fact simply is faded from public .

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  1. 24014211 より:

    It is a nice speech. I knew about that the tragedy is caused by USA itself for the first time.

  2. 24014198 より:

    It’s a nice speech. I suspect that this terrorism is performed by USA.

  3. 24014208 より:

    I was very astonished. I can’t think the United States has caused it.

  4. 24014215 より:

    Your speech is interesting enough. I want to research the truth of 9.11.

  5. 24014209 より:

    Thank you for your nice speech.
    I was surprised at the two gossips.

  6. 24014214 より:

    Your view point is nice. Ahter serched about 911, i cant tell lies or truth.

  7. 24014804 より:

    I was interested in your speech. I want to examin another gossip.