4211-Was terrorism predicted?


American terrorist attacks broke out in September, 2001. But this event was predicted before.

The company called Steve Jackson Games made illminaticard in 1990. The picture which suggests American terrorism is drawn by the one of the cards of the title Terrorist Nuke. The card had a picture with which a trade center building in burning.

A tidal wave by Great East Japan Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear accident were also predicted on illuminaticard, it is frightening.

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  1. 24014200 より:

    Your speech is good! If these were predicted, I feel frightening.

  2. 24014226 より:

    It is nice speech.I think that predict is very important.

  3. 24014198 より:

    It’s nice speech. I think that these prediction is horrible.

  4. 24014208 より:

    It is very interesting!
    I didn’t know that there was such prediction.

  5. 24014215 より:

    Your speech is interesting. I think that these predictions are terrible.

  6. 24014209 より:

    I’m interested in your topic.
    I think nuclear accident’s predict is also very awful.