4213-Urban Legend of The September 11 Attacks

Urban Legend of The September 11 Attacks

Let me introduce the urban legend about the American terrorist attacks.  In the beginning, This terrorism was the worst event that occurred in simultaneously in the United States in the 21st century and are the four terrorist attacks using aircraft.This incident gave rise to a variety of urban legends.  According to one of urban legends, when you fold the $ 20 bills, you can get the image of terrorism of World trade center building. $ 10 bills also, you get the animation of  World trade center building of terrorism.
In the $ 5 bills are just beginning to fold, World trade center Building is not collapsed.But, 10-dollar bills begin to collapse the top of the World trade center  building.World trade center Twin Tower buildings collapsed on folded halves a $ 20 bill. In other words, we were able to predict this terrorism from American dollar bills.

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    Your speech was good! I did not know that such urban legends were exist. Those are interesting.

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    Your speech was very good. Urban legends you introduced were interesting. I want to know the truth of the September 11 atacks.

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    You was a good speech! I was surprised that terrorism was predicted.

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    Your speech was great! I want to know other urban legends.

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    I searched prediction of 911 too. I could not understand what the Us did.