4235-Jojo’s Prediction

4235-Jojo’s Prediction
There is an opinion that Jojo’s strange story predicted “911.”
The episode of the man who has an ability of prediction was spotlighted. In the scene that he predicts man’s death, the man’s back was written “911”, and a plane and weird crescent ware drown in background. Moreover, his time of death was ten thirty, the time is almost similar 911’s time!
The author said it was a complete accident. But I think that it is too much of a coincidence.

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    Your introduction was interesting. I like “Jojo” me too.

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    Your speech was fluent and interesting. I want to read “Jojo” once.

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    I have never read “jojo”. I’m interested in “jojo”.

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    I was surprised to hear that. I am interested in jojo.

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    I was attracted to your speech theme and your speech was also interesting